Ikygai - Food with Purpose

We enrich your healthy & social lifestyle by offering a Food brand based on a Japanese philosophy that combines health with beauty, taste & inspiration. Ikygai is a new consumer umbrella brand for fruit and vegetables developed by Top Seeds International that brings Food with a Purpose.

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Ikygai & Health

We are focussing on health and nutritional values in our breeding program. Varieties that are high in nutritional value will enter the Ikygai brand.

Products we launch under Ikygai as the tomatoes Yuka and Umami are part of ancient varieties with great taste and nutrition: the orange Yuka is rich in carotenoids which are good for skin, the brown Umami is full of carotenoids and lycopene that are good for the heart.

Ikygai & Beauty

Beauty is about how you choose to live and eat. Beauty within Ikygai is about embracing nature, discovering perfection, being sustainable, respectful and eating more plant-based and vegan.

Ikygai respects the environment and uses sustainable packaging, “second life” recycled and/or biodegradable plastics.
We believe in a world with less waste!

Ikygai & Taste

Fresh produce launched under Ikygai have something out of the ordinary when it comes to taste. The taste of the Yuka tomato is like a fruit and quite surprising as Yuka is both fruity and sweet. The taste of the Umami tomato is smooth and round with a touch of umami that gives your salad that extra flavour it needs.

Tomatoes as Yuka and Umami are produced in specially selected places as for example Almeria and Sicily, grown next to the sea where salty soil enhances the taste and nutritional value.

Ikygai & Inspiration

Ikygai inspires you to be more creative with fresh produce to increase your vegetables consumption by offering healthy and enjoyable Food with recipes for a plant-based/vegan experience. These recipes are easy to prepare for a casual vegan dinner with a Japanese twist when your friends come over!

You don’t have to be vegan to enjoy Ikygai. Research shows that 90% of people that buy vegan Food are actually not vegan. Most people these days, especially young people are Flexitarian.

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